February 9th, 2018

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
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Tuesday I was very lazy.  I had morning meetings and Chiro and then drove to Mt. Juliet to meet Pam for lunch and a movie.  We saw Phantom Thread.  Supposedly it is up for an academy award.  I have no idea what for except maybe costume design.  It is so weird, that Pam and I just looked at each other and laughed when it was over.  I was taken off all aspirin and my supplements the day before and I was really feeling my bad knee.  Jim agreed to my mac n cheese with tuna and peas added.  (I have blonde it before.) I wan’t hungry as I had chicken lettuce cups for lunch at our favorite oriental restaurant by the show.  I also had a lot of things to prepare for the Opera board meeting the next morning.  

Wednesday we had our usual board meeting, and at that meeting I exchanged my professional shredder/slicer for lamb chops.  I got this way back in Gulph Mills.  It takes a lot of strength to use.  It is also very heavy.  The only advantage it has over my little plastic slicer is you can cut waffle cut potatoes to make your own chips.  Guess how many times in 25 years I have done that?  You are wrong, once.  I heard Nancy talking about a recipe that I am going to try and she said her husband was looking for a professional mandolin so she could make more even thinner slices.  I spoke up and said, “I have one you can have.”  She wanted to pay me, but I knew that she raised lamb and chickens on their farm, so we traded for some lamb chops.  Tonight I salted and peppered them and grilled indoors.  Jim said,”What did you put on these, they are the best lamb chops I have ever tasted.”  Yes, they really were that good.  

unfortunately I made the following recipe to go with them from allrecipes.com .  I am not going to type it as you can go to the app and look it up if you are interested.  I had half a cauliflower and a 9oz. bag of spinach that I needed to use up.  the recipe is called Spinach and Cauliflower Bhaji.  They describe it as half Indian and half Pakistani.  I like Indian food, must have been the Pakistani that I did not like.  It was very hot so we couldn’t even feed the leftovers to Jo.

That evening I had to put together trays for the Opera wine and cheese event.  I did a beautiful tray of four cheeses divided by 3 different kinds of crackers and grapes.  The cheeses were cubes of havarti and Swiss, goat, brie with truffles.  I used Ritz crackers, Breton wheat and a long rectangular cracker that was very good.  I also did a tray of brownies and strawberries.  Barbara brought her famous cheese ball and crackers.  Sandra brought two small trays of cheese slices and another of apricots topped with cheese and an almond.  This was plenty with little left over. Jim was the bartender.  We had a turn out of 25-30 people.  I was very nervous as I thought no one would come.  They did and I believe we gained 4-5 new members.  Some new members I had never met showed up and I gained some new information about how to involve new members and also how to get those that don’t want to join as they are too busy.  So I consider it a success.  After Jim and I were going to go out to dinner.  After running around from 3:30 to 7:30 plus a morning of painting, I was so exhausted.  I sat in the car and said to Jim stop and get anything you want.  I can’t sit in a restaurant and be  pleasant.  He decided to have some soup, crackers n cheese and brownies.  I had gin.  WE watched a movie called Somm on Netflix.  It is what it takes to be a master sommelier.  It is touted to be the hardest test in the world.  Harder than a medical or accounting exam.  It was very interesting.