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Pasta with Kale, Currants, Pine Nuts, and Garlic Butter

It is Friday and Jim is going to the dance club.  I am not as after last Friday, I could not walk for 2 days.  Monday through Thursday we very hard on my knee also.  Tonight I cooked and this recipe from Fine Cooking magazine was great.  All though it is hard to not like butter and pasta.


Kosher salt

3 T unsalted butter

4 garlic cloves, minced

5 oz, baby kale leaves

1/2 C dry white wine

1/4 C currents

12 oz. linguine

1/4 C pine nuts, toasted

1 3/4 oz. pecorino romano, coarsely grated

2 t aged balsamic vinegar

Crushed red pepper flakes (optional)


  1. Bring a large pot of well-salted water to a boil.  
  2. Meanwhile in a 12” skillet over medium-high heat melt 2 T butter.  Add the garlic and cook, stirring for 30 seconds.  
  3. Stir in the kale tossing until wilted.  
  4. Add the wine and currants; cover and cook, stirring occasionally, until the kale is crop-tender, about 3 minutes.  Remove from the heat.  
  5. Stir in the remaining 1 T butter, salt and pepper, and set aside.
  6. Cook the pasta according to package directions, until al dente.  Drain, reserving 1 C of the cooking water.  Add to a warmed bowl.
  7. Stir the kale and pine nuts and add some of the cooking water to loosen, if necessary.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  
  8. Top with the cheese, drizzle with the balsamic, and sprinkle with the pepper flakes.

This serves 4.  We have about a half portion left for a lunch.  Highly recommend this recipe.  

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Lemon Glazed Chicken

I seems like forever since I cooked.  Super Bowl Sunday, Jim had to fast for a colonoscopy.  I had leftovers for lunch and a cheese sandwich for dinner.  Monday I made this chicken dish from the site.  I tried to turn it into a Instant Pot recipe, but that did not work so well.  In the back of the recipe book that give you cooking times for almost everything.  Chicken breast boneless is 6-8 minutes.  The recipe warns you that the sauce could start to burn.  If it does add a little water.  Sure enough the Instant Pot flashed burn and I had to release the pressure, add water and just finished it on sauté.  So stick to the directions.  It is going to be 1 pot no matter what.  


3/4 C Panko bread crumbs

2 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 t salt

1/4 t pepper

4 chicken breasts, boneless, skinless

1/4 C fresh lemon juice

1/4 C honey

1-2 t Tabasco Sauce


Cooking spray


  1. In a shallow dish, add bread crumbs, garlic, salt, pepper and blend together.  Dredge both sides of chicken in crumb mixture.
  2. In a small bowl, combine lemon juice, honey and Tabasco.  Set aside.
  3. Coat a large non-stick pan with cooking spray.  Add the EVOO and heat over medium heat.  
  4. Add chicken, cover and sauce until browned on both sides and cooked through, about 5-6 minutes on each side.  Remove the chicken to a plate.  
  5. Add lemon-honey glazed to pan.  Cook for about 30 seconds until syrupy.  Return cooked chicken to pan, flipping chicken once to coat with the glaze.  
  6. Remove from pan and serve.  

I served this with instant mashed potatoes and stir fried snow peas in brown sesame oil.  

For Christmas I received a package called Chocolate Orange Mug Cake.  

I figured this would be a good time to serve it to Jim.  Warning about some of these easy mixes.  This was a rip off.  In the package was essentially a 1/4 -1/3 C cocoa.  To this you add 6 T OJ, 6 T flour, 6 T sugar, 1/4 C vegetable oil, and 1 egg.  You mixed it up and put it in two mugs.  Microwaved each mug for 90 seconds.  Jim said it was very good.  I am going to try to follow these directions again using my own cocoa and see how it turns out.  I bet the same.  the package says coffee spice, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, cardamom, all spice, ginger, mace, orange peel, I have all that in my spice rack and I bet just a pinch each.  

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Instant Pot Salisbury Steak

This was a bad recipe and I didn’t like the results either.  Jim liked it and ate most of it.  I served this with Idahoan mashed potatoes and asparagus.  The painting is my latest.  We have a young friend who served in Afghanistan during the war.  He took a series of photos and sent them to me.  I liked this as the tanks and herder have a new vrs. old feel.

Friday we ate at our favorite Japanese Restaurant.  It is a favorite do to the proximity to the dance club. This recipe is from the WW Instant Pot cookbook.  It says 5 smart points and I believe it would 5 freestyle points also.  I will type it as it is written. Notes as always in (  ).  This says servers 4.  It barely fed Jim.  


1# lean ground beef  (Should have been 1 1/2#)

1/4 t garlic powder

1/2 t salt

1/4 t popper

1C mushrooms, diced

1/4 C onion, minced

1 t dried thyme

2 T dry sherry

1/2 C beef gravy (Why not the jar of gravy and adding water until 1 1/2C.)

1 C water

2 T flour+ 1 T water (You get paste, not a slurry.  Should be 2 T water and 1 T flour.)


  1. In a mixing bowl, mix together beef, garlic, salt and pepper.  Shape into thick patties.
  2. Press the Sauté button of the Instant Pot and spray with cooking oil.  Add the patties and cook for 4 minutes on each side.  (This long cooking time + the pressure setting turned them into hockey pucks.)
  3. Add the mushrooms, onions, thyme and “white wine.” (Must mean Sherry.)  Close the lid and press the pressure cooker button .  Cook on high for 3 minutes.  Do a quick release to open lid.  (I waited until it counted down to 10 before releasing the pressure.  I did it once as soon as the pressure went off.  Never again.)
  4. Press the sauce button and add the beef gravy.  Let it simmer for five minutes.  (First, what about the 1 C water.  Never mentioned in the directions.  This is more of a stove top recipe than an instant cook recipe.  Why not add the water and gravy before closing the lid.)
  5. Add the flour and water slurry and cook for another 3 minutes until the sauce thickens..  This is more of a stove top recipe than an instant cook recipe.  Why not add the water and gravy before closing the lid.)
  6. Add the flour and water slurry and cook for another 3 minutes until the sauce thickens.

There is enough for twice as many burgers and potatoes.  Jo was happy to finish the extra sauce.  

Hamburg steak is a similar product, but differs in ingredients. Salisbury steak was invented by an American physician, Dr. J. H. Salisbury (1823–1905), an early proponent of a low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss; the term "Salisbury steak" has been in use in the United States since 1897 


The term Salisbury steak was first recorded in 1897 but really came into full usage during World War I when patriotic Americans wanted a substitute for the German word hamburger. Hamburger was originally Hamburger steak (or Hamburg steak) as it was created in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

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Soy-Glazed Fish with Stir-Fried Spinach

This was the most delicious fish dinner I have ever tasted.  I made the full spinach part and half the fish.  I added a butternut squash.  


2T reduced-sodium soy sauce

2 T minced scallion

2 T chopped fresh cilantro

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 T minced peeled fresh ginger

3 t Asian sesame oil

4 (6 oz.) cod, halibut, or flounder fillets

1# baby spinach regular fresh spinach trimmed


  1. I changed how the the fish was to be cooked.  I had the oven at 350 degrees to roast the acorn squash halves.  I oiled the dish with 1 1/2 t of the oil and put the two fillets in a ceramic dish.  I put the soy sauce, scallion, cilantro, garlic, and ginger on top of each fillet.  
  2. The squash was cleaned and placed in the oven first.  I prepared the fish and it needed to bake for only 10 minutes.  
  3. Use a large skillet for the the spinach.  Coat the pan with the remaining 1 1/2 t of oil.  Once the fish was in the oven, I heated the pan and added the spinach.  Stir constantly just until spinach is wilted, about 3 minutes.  
  4. The timing was perfect.  I took the fish and squash out of the oven.  I turned the the squash over exposing the eatable inside.  I added a teaspoon of butter, apple butter and maple syrup to the inside.  Plate the spinach and fish and take to the table. 


Cooking the spinach in Asian sesame oil makes a world of difference.  The flavors of sweet (acorn squash) and savory (fish and spinach) where wonderful together.  This gets the best meal of the year award.  This recipe is in the Dinner in a Flash Cookbook.  The oil amakes it a 2 pt meal.  

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Instant Pot Cioppino

This recipe is supposed to be for 6.  We did not have a drop left.  Jim thought this was delicious.  I thought It was good and very filling.  I used the instant pot to make this even though the original recipe is not an instant pot recipe.  I am going to give you my version.  


2 t EVOO

1 onion chopped

1 fennel bulb, chopped

1 red bell pepper, chopped

4 garlic clove, minced

1/4 t red pepper flakes

1/2 C dry white wine

1 (14.5 oz.) can chicken soup

1 (28 oz.) can crushed tomatoes

1 (8 oz.)bottle clam juice

1 1/2 t dried Italian seasoning

1/2 t salt

1 1/2 # cod, snapper, or other firm white fish, cut into 1” pieces

1.4 C chopped fresh parsley


  1. Heat the oil in the Instant Pot on Sauté.  Add onion, fennel, bell pepper, garlic, and  red pepper flakes.  Cook until the vegetables are softened.
  2. Add the wine and cook, stirring occasionally, until most of the liquid evaporates, about 2 minutes, about 2 minutes, about 2 minutes.  stir in broth, tomatoes, clam juice, Italian seasoning and salt.  
  3. Stir in the fish and cancel sauté.  Close the lid and press the Pressure button.  Set the time for 10 minutes.  Let the pressure out and serve.  

This is a delicious soup.  

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